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A new purchase pathway for the arts with a focus on accessibility and simplicity.

Screenshot from Malmö Live's implimentation of Viadukt

Screenshot from Malmö Live's implimentation of Viadukt

Two of the fundamental values of Substrakt are accessibility and simplicity, so when we decided to build a purchase pathway product, those would enevitably be the two primary areas of focus.

Viadukt was created with the intention of providing a buying experience for performing arts venues that is not only designed around mobile devices, but also optimised to work as effectively as possible with screenreaders and assistive technologies.

I was responsible for the user-interface design and front-end development of the product, working alongside a brilliantly versitile and able team including developer Will Gregg (Substrakt), product owner Joel Enfield (Substrakt), creative producer Eva Liparova and content strategist Lauren Pope.

In the process of building Viadukt we carried out extensive research and testing with a wide variety of people, including those with a range of access requirements. This gave us a clear idea of what we needed to do to create a buying experience for everyone.

Viadukt user-interface breakdown

Early designs: breaking down the elements of the user-interface

Viadukt design prototype

Linking up design prototypes ahead of user-testing

Viadukt is currently running as the ticketing purchase path for Malmö Live, Malmö Opera (Sweden) and The Bridge Theatre (UK), with several other venue builds in progress.

More information about Viadukt: