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Some Stories

Some Stories exhibition view at The Printworks

Some Stories exhibition view at The Printworks

In January 2015, a small group of photographers started a programme of tutorial and discussion sessions around the subject of documentary photography. Each of us were set the task of proposing, planning, and shooting a documentary photography project.

The results were presented in the exhibition Some Stories, at the Old Print Works in Birmingham, opening on 27th March. The opening night was a huge success, with 9 projects on display, and around 200 attendees of various ages and backgrounds.

I presented my work The Menders, a series of 8 square format portraits of people working in the repair and restoration industries in Birmingham, along with a photo album of 35mm environmental images (The Menders / The Spaces).

Other projects included a study of pollution levels in Birmingham (Andrew Tilley), a series focussed on a female boxer (Tarla Patel), and an intimate portrait of a caesarian birth (Kate Green).

The Developing Documentary Photography Practice programme was organised and delivered by Some Cities, a community photography project run by photographers Andrew Jackson and Dan Burwood.