Giancarlo Rado – Italians

10th May 2015

Some years ago I came across the photography of Giancarlo Rado, in particular his series “Italians”. Rado travels around the north-east of Italy with a 6×6 camera and photographs the people he meets, often in their workplaces or homes. The first thing that struck me about this series is the consistent quality of the images, and secondly the beautiful simplicity and honesty of the portraits.

Giancarlo Rado - Italians

This is, in my opinion, portrait photography in its purest form. Rado’s subjects are not models, and the images are not created for any financial gain. His aim is simple – to create

a portrait of Italy as seen through the lens of working activity

Giancarlo Rado - Italians

Another particularly striking aspect of Rado’s work is the number of images he has produced (a Flickr album of the Italians series currently holds almost 900 images).

Giancarlo Rado - Italians

See more of Giancarlo Rado’s series “Italians” on Flickr.

All images © Giancarlo Rado, used with permission.